I offer my clients spiritual, transformational counseling on an ongoing weekly or biweekly basis working by zoom, phone, or in person in Asheville, NC. My work includes all of the following components that are synthesized and adapted to your unique situation.

To hear more about my work, please listen to this interview below with Dr. Lisa Brent.
Seeing Mellie was truly profound. She created a space for me to open a part of myself that I had been afraid to face. It's helped me to see my truth and given me the courage to move through my old behavior and change it. A weight has been lifted off of me and I am forever grateful to have met her.
-Suzanne S.
Mellie took me on a wonderful journey where I was able to tap into a deep healing experience. I found her extremely responsive, intuitive, generous - and the kind of person that you want to work with again!
-Evelyn F.
I’m in such gratitude for the healing and awareness I receive within myself with Mellie’s solid and safe guidance and inquiry. She was born to do this kind of work!
Jennifer B., Lagunitas
I feel so comfortable and relaxed working with Mellie. She has a way of speaking that is soothing and makes me feel at ease. This helps me to connect with myself more easily.
-Kristi H., Mill Valley

Don't Rush
The moss is green, the bark is brown, only because time does its work
Not because anything is in a hurry
You are not behind
You are right exactly where you are supposed to be
Trust it and your life will flow effortlessly…

About Mellie

My deep knowledge and understanding about how to guide people in their transformational process of self-discovery comes from a profound commitment to my own personal and spiritual growth that's taken place over the past 25 years in a rich and varied learning landscape.

I've actively studied many modalities and traditions such as Vipassana Meditation, Somatics including Cranial Sacral and Reiki, Non-dual teachings of Advaita Vendanta, Shamanism, Inner-child work, Tantric Buddhism, Jungian Psychology, Astrology, as well as EFT and Hakomi for couples. I'm well-versed in working with Developmental Trauma and early attachment disruptions. I have a BA in Liberal Studies from Sonoma State University; I am an NLP Master Practitioner and a Certified Hakomi Practitioner.

I think of myself as an Emotional Midwife helping to birth people into their emotional bodies. This process of emotional embodiment builds emotional intelligence and presence and brings freedom from dis-ease. It's deeply fulfilling to see my clients move into states of greater ease as they embody more joy and self-love. I enjoy working with individuals and couples, as well as healers and coaches to bring a transpersonal dimension to their lives and work.


My work with Mellie has been the most powerful emotional processing I've ever experienced, and has led to an immediate shift in my experience of life and myself. It seems to have released decades of pain I'd been unknowingly carrying. What’s followed is a rewiring of my old ways of thinking about myself. Something big shifted immediately, and my life has opened up in a qualitatively different way. I just feel so much more relaxed and accepting of things. I am so grateful for the work that she does.
-Elena D., Coach and Trainer
Mellie, besides being highly skilled, has deep understanding and compassion. She holds a safe space for whatever is buried in the mind and body. There is an ease in her presence that allowed me to relax into the process. At the end I felt strength and integration. I feel excited to move forward from this new place. If you are looking for a transformative experience, I highly recommend making an appointment with Mellie.
-Elizabeth G. Rosen, Bodyworker
In a Hakomi session with Mellie I had a truly wonderful, calming, insightful and transforming experience. It provided a much needed change of state. What you get with her is a holistic approach to changing one's inner states at both the mind and body level. This combination of body and mind transformation work creates a deep resonance with oneself. The sort of integration which Mellie offers her clients goes deep and the change is lasting.
-Gary S., Ph.D
Mellie is a gifted healer bringing deep compassion and wise discernment to tender emotional and psychological places. My work with Mellie has been profound. Her ability to meet me, affirming me as a man, created the space for me to embrace my own beauty and wholeness. She has held some of my greatest shames with grace as I felt safe enough to face some dark places.
-Jose E., Engineer
Mellie is deeply wise and magnificently generous in her compassion, love, and acceptance of all parts of me. She listens carefully to herself in order to be clear and effective in her work with clients. My work with Mellie has led to the emergence of deeper truths, deeper trust in myself and deeper access to self love.
-Susan C., Larkspur



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